why you should know about fashion?


Thouthfull music, abstract paint on screen, 

for those who paid attention to the painting on the screen and try to figure out what's going on, I just stimulated part of your brain that is related to imagination and creativity. If you new about color meaning and you would get more information about time, location, and the person who created it, you would unluck big part of the puzzle. 

we all remember famous Einstein quote "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." 

we built the entire world with our imagination, using two art of drawing and sculpture. 

If we simply look at history from the industrial revolution to the present, fashion is the one essential art that originates and stimulates growth. In actuality, the first industries to innovate and set the stage for growth of other industry and British dominance were the garment and textile industries.


Fashion is combination of two art of drawing and sculpture. and by sculpting I mean knowing, forming and shaping material. 

After 43 years of creating millions of items of apparel and accessories with my name on them, I've reached the conclusion that. Fashion is the most advance toll available to us to improve our life and transforme the world, and create the that is our differences are celebrated as much as our indeferrences.

Majority of world population is missing on this powerful tool available to improve our lives and make a better society. We are not clear with definition of the fashion yet.

Looking back to the history 

From the day we are born until the day we pass away, we are always wearing clothing.

Numerous variables have impacted our relationship, and use of clothing throughout history, and what we have a accumulation of thousands years of experience. But the democratization of the clothing started by 1850 and women dress reform. When women got the permission to wear pants ( bloomers ).  But fashion became more accessible after word war II. The power of clothing as a catalyst for change appeared in youth movements of fifties. This was a start of use of clothing in social movements.

Respecting other people's viewpoints is crucial, but it's also important to maintain our own authenticity and point of view. When we give up our freedom to express ourselves on important issues, and submit to uniformity in order to appear respectable, or replace our beliefs with those of others It reinforces a false belief.

Allowing someone else to dictate our appearance, behavior, and emotions means that we have given up our own beliefs about who we should be in favor of someone else. The continuous need for affirmation can prevent us from reaching our full potential and significantly reduce our ability to succeed in fulfilling life.

Are you courageous enough to let your individuality lead your life. Every person is gifted with a variety of wonderful characteristics, unique DNA code, unique fingerprint, unique physical appearance. Every single one of us is the only one in the universe and is created with special personality.

For melinumes we human tried to suppress the individuality for the sake of common good. That's why in order to fit into a legitimate, well-known cultural standard, we allow ourselves to become a part of the collective thought or we adopt a socially acceptable form of "physical appearance." We can lose our independence and our firm sense of ourselves when the essence of individuality and uniqueness is lost in world of sameness behaviors. 

 This has been a fact throughout history and is relevant today. Countries who are developed in art are developed and those who don't understand it live in misery . Artists are by nature revolutionary because they create work that helps our progress. , but if the majority of us do not recognize the value of art and artists in society or what is art and who is the artist, and desire a homogenous society, we will continue to fail.

The subject of art, artist and their role in society must be open and discussed to have better understanding of this powerful creative force that is a backbone of human civilization. It is very important for any society to understand what is Art and who is the artist to find its way to prosperity.

Fashion is about Art, a tool to participate in our daily visual art display, Fashion is about participating in enriching human society of ideas. 

we have seen the struggle of fashionistas throughout history to bring what we have in society in the west. women went through merciless violence, and fights to achieve what we have in the west. but in some parts including my own native country going through this struggle for four decades and it looks now their fight intensified.

On September 2022 Iranian women were outraged and motivated to remove their hijabs and burn them in the streets after a 22-year-old girl Mahsa Amini died at the hands of the morality police. They launch a movement that goes after the heart of the Islamic regime; should it be successful, the Middle East will change for the better, and humanity will gain.

The murder of 22 years old Mahsa Amini at the hand of morality police angered Iranian women and bring them to the streets to protest the brutality of the police. Their protest for the last 40 days brought other disenchanted Iranian groups to the street, and they want regime change.
Support from all corners of the world, particularly from female politicians and women's organizations, has been forthcoming. However, more needs to be done by Western governments if the Iranian people are to succeed in their quest for freedom.

This revolution will succeed because their cause is virtuous. The majority of nations in the world grant these basic human rights: "being able to express your independence, individuality, and freedom through clothing." So they are on the right side of history, they are more intelligent than their enemies, and they are devoted and courageous.

Fortunately, Iranians realized they are in this situation because they didn't develop in art. there is no trace of any nation in the history that prospered without developing in the Arts. Only art can bring change and build society. 

Since there are more educated women than men in Iran for this generation, there will likely be a large number of women involved in politics in the coming years if their revolt succeeds in toppling the Islamic Republic.
Women have played a vital role in society since the beginning of time. They have been the nurturers, the caregivers, and the homemakers. In recent years, however, women have been taking on new roles and responsibilities. They are becoming more involved in the workforce, starting their own businesses, and becoming more politically active.
One of the most visible ways that women are asserting their independence is through fashion. In countries like Iran, where women are required to wear hijabs or headscarves, many are choosing to defy the dress code as a form of protest. These women are sending a strong message that they will not be silenced or oppressed.
Fashion can be used as a tool for political change. It can be used to empower people and give them a voice. It can be used to make a statement or send a message. Fashion is a powerful tool that can be used to change the world. 

Alex Angelino. 

Fashion: Manifests human struggle, courage, inspiration, and glory. An art form that challenges the stagnant old traditions that are counter liberty brings progress and democratizes society. 

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