What is Fashion, and its roll in Modern Society

What is Fashion and its' role in Modern Society?

Fashion's $2 trillion business consists of Yarn art and technology, dyeing, printing, knitting, and fabric industry. This craft is our daily rituals. We created appropriate designs and styles for each part of our daily life. We even provide comfortable pajamas for resting, sleeping, and leisure time at home and clothing for work, business, sports, prom, weddings, and beach clothes.

Clothing is an Artform

We're about to enter a new post-Corona time. We're approaching pass-Corona time, and it's time to take a fresh look at our future, potentials, vulnerability, and shortcomings. Every day more and more, it is becoming clear that our life has been mingled together. We share the same planet, drinking, breathing, and living in the same ecology. We are ready to move forward and advance if we work together with a deeper understanding and international cooperation.

I strongly desire to construct a better world by adopting new standards and expressing recommendations in Art of clothing to build a better future with harmony, justice, prosperity, and transparency.
Every one of us contributes to the growth of life via our inherent creativity, work, strength, and feelings.

Clothing is an art form and has been part of human culture and goes back to 120,000 years ago. " HUMANS STARTED MAKING, WEARING CLOTHES 120,000 YEARS AGO: STUDY " We perhaps started with plants, animal fur, and skins, and today we have this huge industry that encompasses many disciplines.

What we have as a fashion started with a device called spinning jenny that made the production of the wool and cotton yarn faster and cheaper around 1765 by James Hargreaves in England. Cheaper yarn and industrial production resulted in the mass production of fabrics and clothing. 

Twenty-five years after spinning Jenny invention, the sewing machine was invented during the first Industrial Revolution. It's designed to reduce manual sewing work done in clothing factories. However, since the creation of the first sewing machine in 1790, widely credited to Englishman Thomas Saint, the sewing machine has substantially increased the efficiency and production of the clothing industry.

After the sewing machine invention and the availability of ready-made garments, the whole fashion clothing and the industry related to it grew. Clothing finds a more important role in peoples' life, especially in the public sphere. Fashion, the disciplines that go with it and the technology that surrounds it have coevolved.

Fashion Benefits

Individuals can benefit from wearing trendy clothing in a variety of ways. First, fashion is beneficial to people since it is an art form and a tool for expressing inner emotions. Fashion makes us feel good about ourselves, improves our mood, and helps us perform better at work. Fashion bring us more positive responses from the people that we meet during the day.

Society as a whole is benefiting from fashion the most. Fashion is directly connected to the economy, jobs, technology, and social liberty. The fashion industry for its, low technology and low investment, is a favorite of new economies. The fashion industry employs one out of seven working people in the world. Fashion is more advanced, In an open society, whereas in a conservative society, fashion is restrained.

 Mens Fashion Clothing

Menswear has been no different from other segments of the fashion industry when it comes to progress and innovations. Men's formal outfits have changed, and men's clothing styles are evolving every season. As our technology and knowledge grow in textile and design, designers are coming up with more fresh fashion ideas for clothing.

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Fashion and the industry related to it are not problem-free; there are some issues from pollution to child workers that must be issued and resolved. But the fashion industry's problems are never the fault of a specific individual, brand, or company.

That is why we are concentrating on using our ideas to change the system as a whole. The fashion industry has the potential to pull millions of people out of poverty and provide them with decent and dignified jobs through systematic and structural reform.
It can protect and heal our living planet. It can bring people together and provide individuals and communities with a great source of joy, innovation, and imagination.

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