Tips for Finding the Right Prom Suit

Tips for Finding the Right Prom Suit

Prom 2022 is in full swing, and with so many options on the market, choosing the ideal prom suit is a struggle. But no worry, I'll give you a guide that will make it easier for guys who aren't used to wearing a suit or tuxedo.

Suits VS Tuxedo

Men's suits and tuxedos are typically the same patterns, with the exception that tuxedos include satin lapels or lapel trimmings to make them more formal. Suit lapels, on the other hand, are normally made of the suit's body fabric.

There are four different lapel shapes in the suit and tuxedos. Today mens fashion suits look unrestrained when it comes to fabric choices. With digital printing today there is an explosion of the new print fabric for trendy suits for men.

1- Pick lapel suit and tuxedo

Peak lapel suits and tuxedo are formal and sharper compare with other suit types. Most tuxedos have pick lapel from solid satin fabric. At the same time, most of the mens fashion suits and mens double-breasted suits are peak lapel. Pick lapel suits make nice prom suits.

red tuxedo

Red Tuxedo, Peak Lapel

 Notch Lapel Suit and tuxedo

Notch Lapel suits are the most popular everyday suits. They are less formal and softer than pick lapel suits. There are some notch lapel tuxedos with satin lapels on the market.

notch lapel suit

Brown Suit, notch lapel 

Shawl lapel Suits and tuxedo

Shawl Lapel tuxedo are becoming more popular in recent years and around one piece lapel is usually from solid satin fabric and has a very soft look. 

 shawl lapel tuxedo

Shawl Lapel Tuxedo, Black

Mandarin collar suit or tuxedo

Mandarin collar suits or tuxedos are popular in Asia and is the least popular among all suit types in the united state. The Mandarin suit looks more simple but, Authoritative. Mandarin suits are used widely in military combat uniforms and are rarely seen as prom suits, but there are no fixed rules in art and fashion. 

Suits Colors, Tuxedo Colors

 Now that you know the suit styles the color is. All black suits and tuxedos have been the major pieces of mens wardrobe since their invention. Men, on the other hand, decided to add additional colors and textures to their apparel after the financial crisis of 2008.


Mens Color Tuxedos

Color choices are quite personal, yet understanding how they influence our mood and feelings makes us even more motivated to learn more about them and utilize them in our surroundings.

If you are looking for the best prom suits, go with exciting textures and colors like nice brocade fabrics with flowers in bright colors. Angelino makes these stylish suits in many colors, All black suits, and tuxedos.

Red Suits, Red Tuxedo, 

Red suits and tuxedos are nice and energetic red colors. They Have many shades; the darker shade is less intense yet inviting and warm.

All Black suit

black suits are the staple of mens wardrobe. They are elegant, authoritative, and powerfull.

all black suit


gray suit

Grey suits has been around as long as suits are around and are always popular. light grey suits are used in lots of mens ceremonial clothing. 

grey suit men

light grey suit

purple suit, 

purple suit for men are becoming more popular in 2022. 

brown suit

Brown suits are all time favorites. Brown is color of the earth and nature.

 mens brown suit

beige suit

beige is a color is used in lots of wedding and formal ceremonies because is bright, warm, and clean look.

beige suit

Olive green suit

 Olive green and military green color is gaining popularity in 2022. Green associated with prosperity, wealth and abundance. 


green suit, red suit, blue suit
Mens Color suits,
left - light blue suit, notch lapel, single button.
middel - Red double breasted suit with metal buttons.
right - military green suit notch lapel.

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