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For some men, choosing the right suit style is a profoundly complex process, but it doesn't have to be. Mens suits come in a variety of textures, colors, and fabric. Single or double-breasted, notched lapel, pick lapel, or shawl lapel. Besides this, each label has its size chart and fit. You might be a size 38 in one brand and size 40 in another label.

You will discover that they come in several different designs for various occasions while selecting a fashion suit for men, like tuxedos, party or prom suits, wedding suits, everyday workwear suits, and more.

Double Breasted Suit
A double-breasted suit has two rows of front buttons, the right side overlapping to allow it to button to the opposite side.

double breasted suit

Double breasted gray plaid suit.

single breasted suit

Single breasted gold plaid suit.

Single Breasted suit
The choice of a single or double-breasted jacket is a matter of personal preference. However, most American men choose the single-breasted suit because it is not as formal as a double-breasted suit.
No worry, if it's your first time purchasing a fashion suit in downtown Los Angeles, we are here to help.
First, the suit's consistency, balance, and quality are, by far, some of the most critical features to consider. Since you are likely to wear the suit for a whole day and maybe even use it for many years, you would want to buy a suit that will withstand the time and be still fashionable after few years.

prom suits 

Prom sparkling suits, Cello purple and Cello Gold

Second, the suit's fit is what you should consider important, the ill-fitted suit, regardless of the quality, color or detail, will never look right on the wearer. A great fashion suit can flatter and enhance the good features of the wearer and hide his weaknesses. Since the suit jackets are constructed and shoulders padded must not restrain you regarding comfort as well as flexibility.

 Below are some of the primary use for mens suits.

Interviews suits,

Making the first impression that you make during the interview is important. If you are trying to sell yourself to a potential job, you'll want to look your best. In terms of color or quality, you don't need to go nuts; stay with the conservative color of black, navy, or gray suit, Instead of bright colors of red suit, gold, or purple. 

Avoid very tight slim fit suits for interviews. Chose a notch lapel suit in the mention colors, and you'll be alright.

Wedding suits, 

If you are getting married the choice is limitless depending to your taste and budget for a fashion wedding suit. Wedding suits stand as the epitome of sartorial elegance, embodying the profound significance of a momentous celebration. These meticulously crafted ensembles go beyond mere garments; they are a visual testament to the union of two souls embarking on a shared journey.

Tailored with precision, wedding suits are a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary style, mirroring the unique personality of the wearer and the essence of the matrimonial ceremony.

From classic black tie affairs to casual outdoor unions, the diversity in wedding suit designs caters to the varied tastes and settings of couples. The fabric, cut, and detailing speak volumes, contributing to the overall narrative of the day.

Whether it's a timeless tuxedo exuding sophistication or a bespoke suit radiating modern flair, wedding suits encapsulate the anticipation, joy, and commitment that define the sacred bond of marriage. Adorned by grooms with pride and reverence, wedding suits symbolize not only a commitment to love but also an acknowledgment of the cherished traditions that surround this momentous occasion.

. We have provided all the option for you on the website.

working suit 

Comfort is the most important thing regarding the office suit. You want the suit to relax and not feel like it is slowly suffocating you when worn during the day. When it comes to fabric and colors, you better stay with neutral colors and classic fits, not too tight but yet with no extra room. Some suit companies also use stretch fabric for extra comfort and flexibility.

Prom Suits 

Prom is about having fun and being innovative and modern. There are no limits to the looks and style when it comes to prom suits for guys, unless there is a dress code inplace from your school. If you are shopping for your prom night, you want to be in tuxedo suits with happy colors, inspiring motives, slim fit suit and a bit of shin. Prom suits had tremendous progress in the last decades and changed from regular tux to various textures, motives, and colors.

We have provided hundreds of choices on our websites. Open the prom suit collection and choose your favorite. Make sure you coordinate your suit's color with your partner's dress and use fashion accessories to enhance the outfit look. 


In the end, you don't know about a suit or tuxedo till you put them on and you feel it. I always recommend buying a suit or tux in the store where you can try them and see if that feeling satisfies you.

If you are buying a fashion suit or tuxedo online, check the return Policies and read the company's reviews on the websites that the seller does not control. We are happy to service you in our showroom in the fashion district downtown Los Angeles. Please call for your appointment. Mens fashion clothing in LA.

In Los Angeles, fashion suits are a popular choice for men, with a variety of textures, colors, and fabric options available. Men's suits come in various designs for various occasions, including tuxedos, party or prom suits, wedding suits, and everyday workwear suits. Double-breasted suits, single-breasted suits, and single-breasted jackets are popular choices. When purchasing a fashion suit, it is crucial to consider the suit's consistency, balance, and quality, as they will withstand time and be fashionable after a few years.

Prom suits, such as sparkling suits, Sequin suits, are popular for their uniqueness and glitter. For interviews, and work conservative colors like black, navy, or gray are recommended, while slim fit suits are avoided. Wedding suits, on the other hand, are a symbol of sartorial elegance and the significance of a momentous celebration. They cater to various tastes and settings, with fabrics, cut, and detailing reflecting the couple's unique personality and the essence of the ceremony. 

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