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The world sequin is driven from the french word Sequin in the late 16th century. However, the word traces its root to the classic Persian and Arabic word Sikka ( meaning coin ). To shop Sequin suits and blazers visit here.

Gold coins were invented in Mesopotamia and then spread to Egypt, Greece and Rome. Stitching coins onto clothing became a Nobel thing and  resembled wealth, luxury, and technology.

 Coins have been known to be used as ornamentation on garments and adornments throughout history to show the wearer's wealth and luxury. Coin usage was especially prevalent in ancient nomadic middle eastern civilizations and the Indus valley.

 From the time human-invented coins, people used polished metal disks to decorate formal garments and coats, requiring hours of hand stitching by fashion designers. Anytime a historical archeological discovery was made, the trend would intensify its growth and popularity.

When making sequin fabrics, sequences are circle or rectangular shapes with a hole in the center or a corner. Sequins are used in many products nowadays, including men's fashion clothing, and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Some sequins are large and flat, while others are little and glittering.

Sequins can be sewn flat to the cloth to keep them from moving and coming off, or they can be stitched only once from the corner to enable them to dangle and move freely and flipped to another side. In addition, certain sequins are designed with several angles to increase their reflection capability. 

Red sequin blazer for men

Red sequin blazer for men

Thanks to cheaper technology, the production and use of sequin fabric and accessories have never been more popular than today.

As a result, sequin clothing has been a long-time star outfit. Stars such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and plenty of others shone brightly and brought us joy with their dazzling appearances.

sequins multi angel

Multi angel Sequins with center hole 

Sequin making

Sequin material started with coins, later gelatin, plastic material called cellulose acetate, and now Vinyl Plastic. The coloring and printing techniques have improved throughout time, providing constant inspiration for fashion designers to create more interesting and attractive pieces of apparel that add more glitz and glam to our lives.

Sequin clothing

Today sequins clothing is used for festivity events or performances on the stage. Women sequin dresses, including mens sequin blazers, are common outfits for dance, proms and party-goers in big cities in the United state. Although sequin pants are rear but here in Angelino, we make them in all colors. We have all colors of solid sequins pants for men and are made with care and craftsmanship. 

sequin pants

Sequin pants, Sequin suits

Today sequin is used in the wall backdrop decorations, face makeup, bags, shoes, and even pillows. Basically, the limit is your imagination; you can make anything from this once really expensive and rear material for a very reasonable price. We seek in the glitter and glitz the very basic human gravity toward sparkle. Glitter makes us excited and bring joy to our life. 


 pink sequin blazer

 pink Sequin blazer for men

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