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Sequin suits and sequin blazers are the ultimate stardom if it's adequately made with care and mastery. The quality of making and tailoring is essential here since working with this fabric is not a job that every tailor can handle. Problems will show on the Lapel and joints of cloth.

Our fascination with luxury and glitter can be traced back to a primal love of water, sun shine, and the twinkle of stars in the night. As a result, sequin blazers and sequin garments, in general, are the pinnacle of fashion beauty, shine, and glitter.

Sequin Blazers gives a Glamours star appearance if it is tailored appropriately. Working with Sequined fabric needs the expertise of a master tailor.

With the glittering spark of color and lights, these dazzling blazers make the best of your unforgettable events even happier. Make yourself the center of attention at your gatherings. Angelino Sequin suits are like a piece of jewel that covers your body with exciting colors.


 glider suits, Teal Sequin suit, left - Red sequin suit, middel - Gold sequin suit, right

We created a colorful collection of Sequin suits and Sequin Blazers 2020 with powerful saturated colors that bring admiration and a smile to anybody's face. These men's sequin suits and sequin jackets are unique and will make your presence noticeable but with glamour and grace.

The variety of colors and designs let you pick your favorite design and color. Sequin fabrics can brush most of the solid colors for jackets with the palm of your hand to sequin backside color.



 Pink sequin suit ( left )- Purple sequin suit ( right ) 


This Pink Sequin suit is the ultimate of glitter and bling for your special and memorable moments. Pink is a color that represents youth, good health, and fun. Pink is a color associated with caring and love. It has to do with unconditional affection and acceptance and the giving and receiving of affection.

The Purple sequin suit is an absolute piece of Jewel's, saturated and yet inviting. Purple is the recognizable color with the most intensity of all the colors in the rainbow. Purple can signify various things, but in a nutshell, it stands for majesty, grandeur, liberty, knowledge, loyalty, lavishness, pride, imagination, and transformation, strength, and royalty.

Purple is a color associated with monarchy, aristocracy, and colonialism. Symbolism was also developed by law in many European cultures. From Roman times to Elizabethan England, "enforcing laws" prevented everyone but close members of the government from wearing the purple color.

Black sequin suits

Black sequin suit

Black sequin suit with black satin lapels. Black is a popular color in fashion clothing. The color black is associated with mystery, strength, beauty, and sophistication in color psychology. You are self-reliant, powerful, and motivated, and you enjoy being in command of yourself and your surroundings.

Black was considered the color of magic, mystery, of God's secret nature and knowledge by many indigenous civilizations.

You may be conservative and traditional as a black lover - black is confining and contained. If your personality color is black, you might be finding advice from any confusion that you are experiencing.


sequin blazers

Red Sequin long coat with a black satin high collar ( left ). Center and left sequin blazers with victorian motives. Black stretch pants and black shirts are common concepts in mens fashion clothing.


Red sequin suit for men

Red and gold sequin suit

The red and gold sequin suit is like emerald and yellow sapphire—an impressive outfit for stage, club, prom, and birthdays. You can purchase the sequin tuxedo jacket separately too. Check the blazers collection and pick your favorite color.

The red color is the most popular in Asia, which represents fire. It is also the color of blood, symbolizing fertility, joy, elegance, vitality, good luck, achievement, and fortune. Red is a well-known color associated with Chinese culture, and it is often seen at celebrations and important events such as weddings and red carpets.

In ancient societies, the meaning of colors was so strong that red items were thought to convey health only by looking at them. Many red stones, such as gemstones and sapphires, were once thought to have healing and disease-preventive properties. 

silver sequin suits

Silver sequin suits

In the collection, you'll find a variety of solid colors and printed sequin fabric. Some long sequin coats in red, purple, silver, and gold color are displayed recently.

Mens Sequin Blazer in a slim fit, black satin lapel with the side double vents It has an impressive look for those who want greatness.

Elegant Victorian motifs on silver sequin design. Men's blazers, wedding suits, wedding tuxedos, prom tuxedos, prom suits, fashion suits for men, tuxedo coats can all be found in our vast array of fashion blazers and suits for your special occasions. Be the best version of yourself with ANGELINO fashion clothings.


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