Sequin Blazers, Sequin Jackets, Prom Boys 2020, Prom Suits 2020

Sequin Blazers, Prom 2020, sequin suits

Sequin blazers are the ultimate glamour, shine, and glitter. Sequin blazers can be a fantastic choice for prom if you want to make a bold fashion statement and stand out from the crowd.  Angelino has been making sequin tuxedo jacket for a decade. The making of sequin jacket and construction of the blazer is critical,
 Here are some tips and considerations for wearing a sequin blazer to prom: 
mens sequin tuxedo jacket blue - ANGELINO
Blue Sequin Blazers

Choose the Right Color:

Mens sequin blazers come in a variety of colors. Select a color that compliments your skin tone and matches or coordinates with your date's outfit. Glitter blazers colors shimmers and bring a festive mode.

Fit and Tailoring:

Make sure the sparkly coats fits you perfectly. Consider getting it tailored if necessary. A well-fitted blazer will make you look sharp and confident.

Style and Design: Men sequin blazers come in different styles, such as slim fit, classic fit, or double-breasted. Choose a style that suits your body type and personal taste.

Matching Accessories: Keep your accessories simple and complementary. A black dress shirt, black trousers, and classic dress shoes can balance the boldness of a sequin blazer. A sleek tie or bowtie can add a touch of elegance.

Comfort: Sequin blazers can be heavy and might not breathe well, so be prepared for potentially warmer conditions. Make sure you're comfortable in your outfit throughout the evening.

Confidence: Wearing a sequin blazer requires confidence. If you feel good in it and carry yourself well, you'll look great. Confidence is one of the most attractive accessories you can wear.

Theme and Venue: Consider the prom's theme and venue. If the theme is formal or allows for creative attire, a sequin blazer could be a great fit. However, if it's a more traditional or casual event, it might be too flashy.

Hair and Grooming: Ensure your hairstyle and grooming are on point. Your overall appearance should complement the blazer.

Pictures: Remember that you'll be taking lots of photos at prom. Sequins can reflect light, so be prepared for the possibility of some extra attention in pictures.

Care and Maintenance: Sequins can be delicate. Be cautious about snagging them on something or damaging them. Follow the care instructions to keep the blazer in good condition.

Ultimately, wearing a sequin blazer to prom can be a fun and stylish choice, but it's important to do so with confidence and consideration for the overall aesthetic of the event. It's all about expressing your personality and enjoying the moment.

Angelino Sequin blazes and Sequin Jackets are made in a variety of colors.

Check our collection of sequin suits, and if there is any color that you need only the Blazer, we can still accommodate you and sell you only the Jacket.
mens sequin blazers - ANGELINO
 Sequin blazers, Animal print
These Sequin blazers are very stylish, printed with animal designs.
Please check the mens sequin blazers collection for your favorite color. We made Sequin blazers in a variety of colors, including red. Blue, Black, Teal, and Gold.
I can assure you we are the only company in the United States that offers these sequin blazers as a suit too. Sequin Suits are absolute jewels in clothing if it's appropriately tailored. We are proud to offer them ready-made and custom-tailored to your body.
black sequin blazer for men
Black sequin blazer, Angelino
Multicolor men sequin pants
This black sequin blazer is hand made. Please call ( 213-992-1151 ) to order it.

Our showroom address in downtown Los Angeles.


1149. Santee St.

Los Angeles, Ca 90015


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