Sequin Blazers, Sequin Jackets, Prom Boys 2020, Prom Suits 2020

Sequin Blazers, Prom 2020, sequin suits

Sequin blazers are the ultimate glamour, shine, and glitter.  A person must be very confident to pull off the sequin blazer or sequin suits look. At the same time
the making of jacket and construction of the blazer is critical, Angelino has been making sequin tuxedo jacket for a decade, and we are proud to be one of the first men's fashion clothing company to popularize the concept. 
mens sequin tuxedo jacket blue - ANGELINO
Blue Sequin Blazers
Sequin blazes and Sequin Jackets are coming in a variety of colors.
Check our collection of sequin suits, and if there is any color that you need only the Blazer, we can still accommodate you and sell you only the Jacket.
Please call 213-992-1151
mens sequin blazers - ANGELINO
Clear Sequin blazers, Animal print
These Sequin blazers are very stylish, printed with animal designs.
Please check the mens sequin blazers collection for your favorite color. We made Sequin blazers in a variety of colors, including red. Blue, Black, Teal, and Gold.
I can assure you we are the only company in the United States that offers these sequin blazers as a suit too. Sequin Suits are absolute jewels in clothing if it's appropriately tailored. We are proud to offer them ready-made and custom-tailored to your body.
Prom suits 2020 - ANGELINO
This silk blazer is hand made and you have to call ( 213-992-1151 ) to order it.

Our showroom address in downtown Los Angeles.


1149. Santee St.

Los Angeles, Ca 90015


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