Sequin Blazers, Mens fashion Blazers

Sequin Blazers, Mens fashion Blazers

Sequin Jackets are a staple piece of clothing for stage performers and singers. The history of glitter and sequins goes back to Egypt and middle eastern culture when women dancers would decorate their clothing with round coin-looking ornaments that would enhance their look and movements.

Sequin Blazers Men 

With the advance of the textile industry and technology, we can create unbelievable fabrics and textures with reasonable prices and shorter times for today's fashion. Sequin fabric was one time a rear fabric and was limited in colors and design.

 To pull off the sequin blazer or sequin suit style, one must be highly confident since a man in a sequin suit would sparkle like a gem in any crowd.

Although sequin fabric may add a lot of value to an outfit, it can be difficult for tailors and sewing machines to deal with. As a result, men's suits or blazers are made with layers of fuzzing materials and padding to support the shoulder and front section of the garment.

For the past ten years, Angelino has been creating fashion blazers for men, including sequin jackets.

With mens fashion blazers in various materials, including sequins and brocade, we are pleased to be one of the first men's fashion apparel companies in Los Angeles to promote the concept.

We designed a vibrant line of Sequin suits and Sequin Blazers for 2021, with vibrant, rich hues that provoke admiration and a smile. These sequin suits and jackets for guys are one-of-a-kind and will make your presence felt with elegance and grace. 

sequins blazers

Red and gold sequin blazer in runway fashion show.

These sparkling blazers provide a flare of color and brightness to the greatest of your memorable occasions, making them even more enjoyable. Make yourself the focal point of your meetings. Our Sequin Suits are like a gem that encircles your entire body in your desirable vibrant hues.

 There are a range of solid colors and patterned sequin fabrics in the selection. Long sequin jackets in red, purple, silver, and gold have lately been on show.

purple sequin blazer

Purple sequin blazer
Slim-fitting men's sequin blazer with a black satin lapel and side double vents. It has a striking appearance for people who aspire to greatness.


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