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Sequin Blazers Men, Sequin Tuxedo Blazers, Fashion Blazers Men

Sequin blazers have been a favorite of the most stage performing singers, dancers, and hosts since their invention. The sequins' history goes back to middle east women using coins around their headscarves or other parts of their garment.

Using coin as an ornament was particularly prevalent in ancient Arab bedouin and Indian gypsies clothing. The word "sequin" comes from the Arabic and Persian word Sekkeh, which means "coin," and was later changed to the Venetian word Zecchino. It became the French term sequin in the late 16th century. 

As a glittery luxury item during the Renaissance, royalty sewed precious gems and gold disks to their garments in luxurious fabrics. Sequins became so common that Leonardo da Vinci designed machine for making sequin in the 1480s, which could punch metal sheets into small, thin disks, but never materialized.

When Archaeologists opened Egyptian King Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922, discovering exquisite garments decorated with tiny gold disks. As the discovery spread, Western fashionistas quickly copied the flashy objects in King Tut's tomb. 

Soon fashion designers used a variety of metal sequins to embellish the clothing of movie stars and celebrities. Although the ancient sequins were of metal, most modern sequins are made of Transparent film or plastics coated with various types of paint and sparkles.

With improving embroideries machinery and designing technique of attaching the sequins into the fabrics, We have a wide variety of new fabrics from this old idea, with reasonable prices. As it's invention time, we use sequin fabrics to make clothing for our festive and celebration time. 


black sequin suit - ANGELINO

 Black Sequin Suit for Men

Technology and designs for sequin fabric have advanced to the point that we can make almost any design as long as your creativity helps. Fashion designers have been taking advantage of this progress in techniques, designs, and price. You can find sequin fabric from sofa pillows to any events clothing from prom suits for guys to prom dress in today's fashion clothing.

purple sequin blazers

Purple Sequin Blazers for Men, 

 The history of men's sequin clothing would be unfinished Without referencing Wadziu Valentino Liberace (May 16, 1919 – February 4, 1987) and his custom tailor Frank Ortiz. Liberace, a child prodigy, used the sparkle and glider to glamorize his appearance. Around the 1960s, he was an American pianist, musician, and producer.

mens sequin blazer

Mens Sequin Blazers - ANGELINO

Sequins clothing was out of reach for ordinary people since it was expensive and not readily available. Mens sequin blazers become popular in early 2012 among outgoing fashionistas. The main reason for its popularity was affordability, and that's because of reasonable prices from China.

Working with this fabric is troublesome for tailors. To make sequin clothing, mastery and knowledge of handling this fabric are essential, especially for sequin Jackets. Mens sequin blazers and sequin suits are the stardom's pinnacles, and the standard of the making and styling is crucial.

If you want to create an impression and be the center of attention? A well-tailored Sequin blazers, sequin suits or sequin tuxedo will fulfill that dream for you. Sequin fashion clothing comes in a variety of qualities and style.

If you want to look like a Hollywood star, don't waste your money on cheaply made blazers. We assure you satisfaction with our Mens Sequin Suit and Sequin Blazers for Men.

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