Sequin Blazers for Men, Tuxedo, Suits

Sequin Blazers for Men, Sequin Tuxedo, Sequin Suits

Sequin blazers aren't for everyone, but those who are lucky enough to pull them off may take advantage of a large selection of glitter suits, and sequin blazers  at affordable prices from ANGELINO, located in the fashion district of Los Angeles.

sequin blazer for men, pink
Sequin Blazer for Men, Pink
Sequin Tuxedo
Sequin suits are made with satin lapel and collar for better touch and balance.
so most of these sparkly suits have a unique tuxedo look to them. 
glitter suits
Glitter suits,
right - Gold Sequin Tuxedo
left - Red Sequin Tuxedo
sequin pant suit

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