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Blazers for men are becoming more popular than ever. Using blazers with jeans and khakis are getting momentum, among the blazers category Sequin blazers, are the ultimate of shine and glitter for the Mens clothing. Of course, working with the Sequin fabric is not an easy job for seamstress and tailors, but if it's made with care and mastery is the ultimate luxury on the body.  The quality of making and tailoring is essential here since working with this fabric is not a job that every tailor can handle. Problems will show on Lapel and joints of Coat.

We created a colorful collection of Sequin suits and Sequin Blazers.


This Pink Sequin suit is ultimate of glider and bling for your celebratory and memorable moments. The Purple sequin suit is an absolute piece of Jewel's,saturated and yet inviting.


Stylish Blazer for Men, Hudson Green 


The Green And Black  Blazers with black stratched pants and Black shirt.

Blazer Jackets

1- top left, Blazer for men Big Victorean green

2- midel, Blazer for men Sprite Green

3- top right  Blazer for men Spring Green

Silk Blazers for men,

1-Top Left, Silk blazer for men Rose

2-midel, Silk blazer for men Bees,

3-top right, silk blazer for men Fantasy,


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