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What exactly is the purpose of the prom? What is the history behind it, and how start? I've been asking myself this question for some time, and these are some of my findings.
Prom began in 1800 to introduce and celebrate the graduating class at Yale and Harvard University. Graduates would dress up in their finest and dine together.
Even though prom had spread to high schools by 1930, it remained a gathering of graduates for a celebratory dinner.
By 1950, prom had evolved into what it is today. Prom night is celebrated in country clubs with dinner and dancing in formal attire with style.
Prom had its highs and lows, and today is a four billion-dollar business. With people spending an average of $1100, this custom has grown into a massive industry that evolves with each generation and provides society with innovations, progress, and advancement in fashion and styles.
Prom night provides a chance for youngsters to put their socialization skills to work. That's why it's critical to participate and experience and celebrate the hard work that resulted in graduation. In addition, students can socialize and practice social skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

So let's start creating a Prom outfit that would make this night memorable, glamorous, and fun. 

To find the best prom suit, we must understand that fashion is an art, and there are thousands of different ways to do the same while remaining artistic and fashionable. But what I tell my client all the time is "gauge your feeling and mood" when you try a piece of clothing, ask yourself these questions:

Do I get the feeling that I expect?

Is the outfit keeping my posture more straight and straight?

Is my body language and behavior improving?

The most important aspect of fashion is to be aesthetically pleasing, have individuality, and be stylish with confidence.

Let's get to Angelino prom suits 2022 collection and see some prom suit ideas for you.

 Prom suits for men

Suits for prom are fun, innovative, and modern, with lots of new approaches to motives, colors, and proportions. In recent years lots of motives, including floral designs suits, sequin suits, and plaid suits, are added to the collection of prom outfits for guys. Bright and pastel colors, including skinny suits with tight bottom pants to show some skin, are some happening trends for prom outfits men. Let's go through some of the prom suits collections in order of colors.

Burgundy Prom Suits,

Burgundy suits and tuxedos always have been royal and elegant. We have made suits in a different variation of this color. The unique suites are those with a black background and burgundy flowers.

 Burgundy Prom Suits

 Burgundy Prom Suits - Burgundy prom dress

red prom tux has been

The concept of wearing red is unappealing to the majority of men. Because they believe the style is difficult to pull off, most guys avoid wearing red suits or red tuxedos. While this is partially true for most formal occasions, a specific occasion such as prom, wedding, and red carpet events is fantastic.

Purple Prom Suit,

Purple suits represent and evoke so many good characteristics as monarchy, nobility, wealth, luxury, creativity, wisdom, dignity, majesty, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, individuality, fascination, and aspiration in its wearer. However, purple was once considered a noble color, and it was forbidden for ordinary people to wear it. Now that there is no restriction, you have to enjoy the abundance of all good quality purple prom suits.

Pink Prom Suit,

You're an introvert who prefers to socialize in small groups. Pink is a trendy color for prom suits and wedding tuxedos right now. If your personality color is pink, you're romantic and approachable.

People are drawn to you because of your wonderful temperament and charismatic personality. You like both giving and receiving affection if your personality color is pink. If you are not satisfied, your other option is a Pink sequin blazer with a black satin lapel.

Solid Pink Prom Suit

  1. Pink Prom Suit,
  2. Solid Pink Prom Suit
  3. pink plaid suit
pink plaid suit
cool prom suits,
Royal blue prom suit is not an exciting color like pink, but they are popular and are considered cool prom suits. 
Red and Black Prom Suit,

We recommend the red and black combination instead of the black prom suit since it is more exciting. In addition, people can wear this color combination for a variety of occasions, not just prom.

Furthermore, some men may avoid wearing red because they believe it is too bright, yet the contrast between the two-color of red and black makes the style look exquisite when worn with black.


Pair the red tuxedo jacket with a classic white tuxedo shirt, black tie, and black tuxedo pants for prom looks for guys. The look is great with a stylish pair of black patent tuxedo shoes. Wear a prom suit 2022 from our selection if you don't want to go with the typical classic tuxedo.


Designer prom suits

Are you looking for a designer prom suit that is unique and stylish? Then, check the Angelino fashion suit collection and pick your favorite style and color prom suits and tuxedos.

Casual Prom Outfit for Guys

If your school dress code is relaxed and you are not used to wearing a coat or tuxedo, go for sequin bomber jackets with sequins pants. This is a rock star look, especially in red or gold colors.

sequin bomber jacket

Red Sequin Bomber Jacket

Fashion Suits Men

The other option is the men's fashion suit collection. The collection consists of solid color suits in pastel colors and a variety of plaid fashion suits, sequin suits for men a range of mens fashion blazers.

red plaid suit

Red plaid suit, 

 Prom Blazers

If you want to be more stylish, our fashion blazers for men can be worn as prom blazers paired with black stretch pants and a dress shirt. Although prom blazers are more cost-effective, putting together a prom outfit requires more effort and work. So browse the men's fashion blazers collection and pick your favorite.

The collection consists of tuxedo blazers, including sequin blazers for men, floral blazers and long coats, and tuxedos for men.

 pink sequin blazer
Pink Sequin blazer
 In addition, if you're near our Fashion District showroom in Los Angeles, we'll be pleased to help you with your event wardrobe and paper you for an epic look that will still the show from competitors. Please call to schedule a meeting.


Prom Accessories 

Accessories and hookups make the look. Use pocket squares bowties and cufflinks to enhance and glamorize the outfit.



Angelino Cufflinks, Hand made

for more on Prom and it's history check wikipedia.org/wiki/Prom

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