Prom Suits and Blazers for Tall Skinny Guys, Tuxedo

Prom Suits and Blazers for tall and skinny Guys, Tuxedo

Are you a tall, slim young man looking for the perfect prom suit or a tuxedo? If you are a man over 6'4 inches tall and weigh 155 pounds or more, you probably have a problem finding Coats that fit you properly. The ready-to-wear market for men's suits and tuxedos isn't designed with you in mind, but Angelino is.

big and tall tuxedo

 Big and tall Tuxedo for Men 

A well-fitting jacket will draw attention to your best attributes, such as your height and body type. It will also lengthen your shoulders and make you look more muscular. To begin, pick a suit jacket that is suitable for your chest and shoulders. Back length and sleeve length are two other things to consider.

The value of fit in men's fashion clothing is addressed on every menswear blog on the internet. It's possibly one of the most significant factors in determining how your movements, feelings, and behavior would be. People view your clothes and overall style and have so much understanding of you. Fits matter much more than the price tag or the quality of a Tuxedo when it comes to how it looks on the body.

Many tall and skinny men purchase prom suit that is too big for them, including suits, blazers, dress' shirts, trousers, and everything else. If it's too big, it'll fold in on itself and hang off your body when you're wearing it, leaving you looking saggy and untidy.

Tall men are often purchase clothing that is much too big for them. This lack of balance doesn't create a great look unless you want to look like that for some personal reason. Although the loose-cut clothing is convenient, it almost always looks sloppy and poor. The coats' length is particularly important for big and tall men because they have long legs and short jackets look funny.

big and tall coats

Big and tall high collar coats. Clik here 

Angelino designed the Prom Suits and Blazers for Big and Slim Guys in 2019 because tall young men have a hard time finding trendy tuxedos or suits that fit them properly.

Suits or blazers that are too big or unfitted will potentially accentuate your stature in all the wrong ways. If you're tall and slim men, you'll want garments that are proportioned correctly for your height, so they look streamlined and have clean lines that frame your body. This makes you appear well-dressed, elegant, and clean.

On the other hand, your clothes should not be so tight to deforms your body's outlines. This isn't as much of a concern for most guys, but it's still worth considering. If you're a big man, this isn't the right look for you. Even if you're in great shape, it won't work because the tightness is restrictive and uncomfortable.

Who wants to be unable to move their arms or sit down with their legs bursting through the seams of their jeans? Slim-fitting suits is very common in today's men fashion clothing. A significant portion of our customers are tall, or athletic. There are moments when slim-fit clothing will better frame the body figures.

But it won't look great on every one since everybody has a different body type which is perfectly fine. But guys will look amazing in their clothes if they dress in what flatters them.

It's one of those instances where you might deviate from the fashion industry's dogmas. Choose a normal fit if you don't want your clothes to be too tight. Just keep in mind that your clothes can frame you in such a way that your body has a clean general outline. This provides the best balance of comfort and style, and it's appropriate for men of all heights and sizes.

 prom tuxedo blazers

 Long Blazer - Prom 2021  - prom jacket for tall and skinny

Finally, I'd like to address a common roadblock for men while shopping for clothes. Some men who are trying to lose weight or get in better shape will wait until they reach their ideal body type before buying clothes. Although it's a good idea to have proper weight, but men will achieve this in a period of time with proper planning. Some men even buy suits or tuxedo that isn't their size but is the size they aspire to be in the future.

It's futile to buy clothes that don't suit you right now in the expectation that they will fit you later. Similarly, whether you've just had a new work offer and need to overhaul your wardrobe, or if you're attending a special event, you'll need to buy clothes that fit you well! When you've achieved your objectives, you can relax and enjoy yourself.

However, fit is a personal decision, and everyone would have their own preferences. The only rules you shouldn't break are finding a good balance between comfort and style. Make sure your prom suit or tuxedo have clean lines and shapes to frame your body, and you feel relaxed and fashionable in them.

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