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As office employees remain at home due to the pandemic, the US men fashion company Men's Wearhouse and JoS. A. Bank, has become the latest big mens suit specialist to file for bankruptcy in the US. In the summer of 2020, the company, which had about 1,400 stores and employed 1,800 people, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Houston, Texas.


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The coronavirus has caused millions of office employees to stay at home and avoid suit stores. Tailored Brands announced in June that net sales had dropped by 60% in the previous three months compared to about the same time the previous year. J. Crew and Brooks Brothers, in addition to Men's Wearhouse and JoS. A. Bank, had all declared bankruptcy in 2020.

So far, the dust hasn't settled on the events of 2020, and the long-term effects are unknown. Despite the uncertainty, there are signs that strong brands continue to resonate with customers, and new opportunities to create a more inclusive and sustainable fashion industry could be on the horizon.

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Covid-19 pushing fashion houses to reinvent themself, as well as manufacturing and retailing processes, within the industry, but no widespread agreement has been reached. Gucci and Saint Laurent have vowed to change how and when they display their collections, but other well-known labels have expressed a willingness to stick to the current model.

The dust has yet to settle on the situation. But covid 19 did not change only the fashion industry. It changed our psychology, and this will play a major role in our clothing behaviors. This change manifests itself in new concepts, style, colors, and textures. Although designers practically make these changes, the desire to have those changes comes from consumers.

Designers try to find out what consumer is demanding. There are many different techniques and methods for this quest in fashion industry. The more traditional way is to talk to salespeople in the retail shops.

Previously, companies would hire photographers for search of cool people with creative fashion clothing and take their pictures. These photographers called cool hunter or trends spotter.

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Latimes has a section online for this called Street FashionYou don't see this anymore in the US, but there are places that still photographers or cool hunters are in business and hunting for fashion forgers, especially in Japan. So in mens fashion suits is going to be the same, consumer desire must be fulfilled.

There will be changes in fashion suits for men, but all aspects of men's suits' style and fashion will stay constant as its success introduction. The changes will be in fabrics, textures, and colors with the slight modification of the style elements' fit and proportion.

The changes in concepts of new mens fashion suits and consumer demands need some time to materialize. When life returns to normal, men's fashion suits in retail stores will have concepts and styles that are result of this period.

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