Mens Sequin Suits, Sequin Tuxedo

Mens Sequin Suits, Sequin Tuxedo, Sequin Blazers, Long Sequin Jacket

Sequin suits are the height of men's fashion clothing for events. Sequin suits for men If cut and sewn properly; they can give you a Glamours star look. However, a professional tailor's expertise is the key while working with the sequined cloth for mens constructed clothing like suit jackets.

Working with this fabric is not a job that every tailor can undertake; the quality of the making and tailoring is crucial. Problems will be seen on the lapel and cloth joints if the tailoring is poor. Angelino is the only Mens clothing company with the huge collection of mens sequin suits and sequin blazers made with high standard of tailoring in variety of colors and designs.

These sparkly suits are like a jewel that encircles your entire body in vibrant colors and glitter.

We designed a vibrant range of Sequin suits and Sequin Blazers for 2022, with vibrant, saturated hues that elicit admiration and a smile. These sequin suits and jackets for guys are one-of-a-kind and will make your presence felt with beauty and grace.
You can pick your preferred design and color from a wide range of colors and designs. 

Red Sequin suit 

The color red represents life, vitality, strength, war, bravery, passion, love, and spiritual devotion. The Red sequin suit for men is like a red emerald full of positive energies and vibes. This sparkly suit is good as a hosting outfit, red carpet outfit or as grammy outfits. 

Red sequin suits, gold sequin suit

Red Sequin Suit, Right - Gold Sequin Suit, Left excellent choose as grammy outfits


Gold sequin suit 

Gold sequin suits are glamorous and stylish. Gold is a color associated with richness, prosperity, luxuries, and extravagance, and it shares many of the same characteristics as yellow. The color gold is associated with fortune and elegance.

If you can't pull off a men's sequin suit and you just need a sequin blazer in gold Please check our sequin blazer collection and find the gold sequin jacket there.

Pink Sequin suit

Pink was once considered a masculine color, but white and blue were preferred among females in the nineteenth century. The pink color is a relaxing color that brings to mind love, kindness, and femininity. Many people instantly identify the color with all things soft and sexy. It may also convey romantic ideas and occasions like Valentine's day. 

pink sequin suit and black sequin dress

Pink Sequin suit and Black sequin dress


Purple sequin suit

 There are lots of excellent qualities associated with color purple, majesty, devotion, calm, dignity, secrecy, individualism, and enchantment are just some of them. This purple suit looks like Amethyst, and would make any body look a star instantly.


purple sequin suit

sparkly suit mens, purple color

Turquoise Suit

This glitter turquoise suit would make anybody a rock star.

turquoise suit, sequins

Turquoise Suit, Mens Sequin Suits


Black Sequin Suit

The black and silver suits are elegant with shine and sparkle.

sequin suits

Black Sequin Suit - Silver Sequin Suits 

 Long Sequin Jacket

Men's tuxedo jackets and long jackets have been associated with a more heroic display of personality, particularly when paired with a high collar and metal buttons. However, long sequin jackets are the newest men's fashion trend, and they come in various textures, colors, and styles. Another new design in our men's fashion 2022.

long sequin jacket, red

Long Sequin Jacket, Red


long sequin jacket, golg

Long Sequin Jacket, Gold

 Sequin Pants

Sequin pants for men are rear and if there are in the market they are not well made. Angelino have been make sequin pants for men for a long time. The glitter pants suit are all fully lined with cotton fabric for better fit and comfort.

We make Sequin pants in variety of color, and customizing service is available for Music bands and grammy outfits. 

Look for Mens sequin blazer If the entire outfit is too much for your character.

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