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Plaid Suit for Men: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The term ‘Plaid’ refers to woven fabric made of multi-colored yarns. These yarns create a unique blocky pattern by crossing over each other. This fabric first originated in Scotland. However, it is now popular around the globe for making high-end plaid suits. These suits are referred to as luxurious and trendy outfits.

If you're unsure what a plaid suit is, you've come to the perfect spot. Here we will talk about almost everything associated with the plaid suit for men. 

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What is a Plaid three piece Suit

Talking about the plaid suit, it is a two or three-piece outfit. It is a fashion suit with a distinctive checkered pattern. There are three major elements of a plaid suit: 

  • Jacket
  • Matching trousers 
  • Waistcoat

If you don’t like wearing a waistcoat, skip it. This won’t affect much of your appearance. Close attention, however, would reveal that the size of square patterns in a plaid design can vary.

In some cases, the squares are big and have bold lines crossing each other. On the other hand, there are some designs with smaller squares. 

Furthermore, plaid fashion suits usually have multiple colors. The color combination consists of two to four vibrant colors. These suits may have similar design features, as we see in a regular suit.

mens plaid suit

Mens Plaid suit, Blue/Gold

Why are Plaid Suits for Men so Popular?

Although plaid suits have been in the fashion industry for decades, plaid suits have gained much popularity in the recent past. The reason being is an array of design features and exquisite color combinations. 

Besides, there are numerous other reasons you should wear a plaid suit. A few of them are listed below:

  • One of the major benefits of a plaid suit is the ability of its design features to give you a slimmer look. Plaid suits aren’t going to shrink you; rather, they only give you a streamlined and slimmer look.
  • The checkered patterns are stylish too. They give a nice and unique appearance to you. 
  • Besides, plaid suits aren’t prone to common stains. The multi-colored patterns help to mask different types of stains. Therefore, plaid suits with bright colors can hide most of the stains.
  • A plaid suit is a common choice for formal occasions. Hence, this type of outfit is quite popular among men. 
  • At present, plaid fabric has undergone a wide array of iterations. Hence, we see checkered patterns in different outfits. Plaid designs are worn in almost any way that one can imagine. 
  • Plaid has been around us for decades, and it is going to stay here for decades to come. So, for plaid suits, the chances of being out of fashion are rare. 
  • The versatility of plaid suits and available styling options are a few reasons these outfits are so popular.

Common Fabrics Used for Making a Plaid Suit

Plaid suits are made of a variety of fabrics. However, the choice of fabric doesn’t affect the overall appearance of a plaid suit. When buying a plaid suit, make sure to choose the right fabric.

If you aren’t comfortable wearing a specific fabric, avoid considering it. There are certain plaid suits that consist of linen, a lightweight and soft fabric. 

Therefore, linen serves as a viable choice for warmer weather conditions. On the contrary, plaid suits made of wool are recommended for chilly conditions. 

Besides, cotton is another option, which tends to be slightly heavier when compared to linen. Nevertheless, it is a suitable choice if you want to wear your plaid suit throughout the year.

Color Combination 

Apart from fabric, the color combination of a plaid suit also plays a key role in enhancing its overall appearance. Therefore, a few color combinations of a plaid suit are quite popular. 

Multi-colored square patterns look amazing. In most cases, a darker color is used as a base, and lighter colors are used for creating the checkered patterns. 

While buying a perfect plaid suit, you can go for a wide range of color options. Hence, there is no need to restrict yourself to a few options. Instead, this will help you find a stylish plaid suit that looks good.

No doubt, solid-colored suits tend to be more popular, yet plaid suits have their fashion statement. In addition, a multi-colored plaid suit can give a distinctive and trendy look to you.

Having said that, you may wear a plaid suit in whatever color combination you like. However, choose hues that best suit your complexion.

grey plaid suit

Grey Plaid suit

Plaid Suit with Lining

A plaid suit with lining is another popular option to opt for. When it comes to the lining, it is a thin and soft cloth layer that is put in place. The lining is present in the jacket and half of the trousers for most of the time. 

This feature won’t affect the appearance of a plaid suit. Nevertheless, it is used to make a plaid suit more comfortable.

The most common fabric used for the lining is Viscose. It is a durable and soft fabric, which surely enhances the overall comfort level of a plaid suit.

Single or Double Breasted—Which One to Choose?

Generally, plaid suit jackets are classified into two types:

  1. Single-breasted suit
  2. Double-breasted suit

The most common of these is the single-breasted jacket. This type of suit contains a single column of buttons. 

On the contrary, the double-breasted jackets contain two columns of buttons. Depending on your preferences, you can select any of these choices.

Irrespective of the number of columns, plaid suits can offer an amazing and unique look to you. However, a plaid suit with a single-breasted style is modern and trendy. 

double breasted suit

Double Breasted Suit Brown/navy

Final Thoughts 

A plaid suit serves as a great choice if you love to wear a multi-colored outfit and look smart. The rectangle and square patterns are symbolize stability, security, discipline, balance, and order. Therefore they can offer a lot to our life and society. That's why people love plaid suits.

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