Mens Fashion Suits, Sequin Suits

Mens Fashion Suits, Sequin Suits

Men's suits have undergone many modifications in materials and textures, but the style has remained consistent since its inception. There are changes in size and proportion of the mens fashion suits, but the basic design stays the same. The sequin is the ultimate sparkle and glitter among the latest fabric innovations.

Sequin Suits

Sequin fabrics have been around since 1960, but mens get in this sparkly fabric later. Then, in the 60th and 70th, musicians started to wear clothing out of sequin fabric, and gradually price of the fabric dropped, and today they are very affordable.

So, if you want to seem like a Hollywood star, don't waste your money on a low-cost product on the market. You are making difficult men's sequin suits and blazers for an untrained tailor.

 To make a good sequin blazer, you'll need a professional tailor. We have a huge range of men's sequin suits in numerous colors in our men's sequin suit collection. In addition, Angelino makes sequin suits in a variety of colors.

Solid colors are offered in six different red, black, gold, pink, purple, and teal shades. All of the blazers have a pick lapel and are fully constructed. The slim-fitting pants are entirely lined with lightweight cotton fabric. The purple sequin suit is a piece of art that is vivid and inviting. 

sequin suits for men

Mens sequin suits

Red Sequin Suit

Red sequin suits are similar to emerald red and are vibrant and captivating. They are excellent for stage, red carpet, proms, and night parties.

Pink sequin suits

Pink is a color of passion, romance, and tenderness. The sequin suit is Great to show your charm and playfulness. 

Gold sequin suit 

The gold sequin suits are sparkling and vivid. The color gold is associated with prosperity, accomplishment, and glory, the color of prosperity and affluence. Wealth, grandeur, quality, prestige, refinement, and grace are linked. Wearing a gold sequin suit puts anybody in festive mode.

Silver sequin suits

silver sequin suit.jpg

Silver and black sequin suits

 Silver sequin suits looks very modern and metallic. They fit in many environment and they have their freshness. 

Black sequin suit

Black sequin suits have special elegance to them. You can wear them with shoes or new leather sneakers with crystal on them.

Teal sequin suit


teal sequin suitgold sequin suit

Teal sequin suits- Gold/white sequin suit

Gold/white sequin suits

Glod and white sequin suit is clean and rich. They look awesome with high top sneakers with glitter.

 printed sequin suits 

mens sequin suits

Mens sequin suits, Animal prints 

If you prefer exotic skin designs and sneak, several new printed fashion fabrics below are coated with clear and glittering sequins. The cloth is stretchy, and the fashion suits are a little lighter. The coats have a black satin lapel and pocket flaps and are completely lined. Cotton fabric is used to line the trousers.

Check out the sequin blazers for men collection if you enjoy the glitter and shine, but the complete suit is too much for you, and you only need the sequin blazer for your occasions; we can also sell each of the outfits as a blazer alone.


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