Mens Fashion Suits, Prom Suits, Sequins Suits

Mens Fashion Suits, Prom Suits, Sequins Suits 

Mens suits represent various versions of this iconic male wardrobe staple, resulting in a diverse range of options to satisfy shopper's fashion taste. The seemingly uniform suit can be made in a million different ways, from the fit, style, fabric, and the way it's assembled and accessorized.

No matter how difficult it seems, there is undoubtedly a suit for you out there. The difficulty is that searching for mens fashion suits may be a challenging mission. To help you find your perfect fit, style of mens fashion suit, I am here to break it down for you. As a result, you'll have a handy guide to sort mens suits by style, fit, design, and special occasion.

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Men Fashion Suit

Notch Lapel Suit styles

The most common mens fashion suit style is two buttons single-breasted jacket with a notch lapel; these suits are either center vents or double vents. Notch lapel suits come with a slash chest pocket and two welted pockets with flaps; some of these suits may have a small ticket pocket on the right side over the main pocket.

Notch lapel suits are suitable for most occasions, from job interviews to the office, given the color and fabric texture are suitable for the occasion. Notch lapel designer suits come in a variety of basic colors, including navy blue, gray, and Tan. Notch lapel plaid suits have been around since the British textile hey times and are still popular.



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Notch Lapel plaid suit for men.

Peak Lapel Suits

 As compared to the notch lapel suit, the peak lapel is more classic and formal, and it shows a certain charisma of prominence and personality. Pick lapel suits could be a double-breasted suit or single-breasted. They look sharper and usually have two side vents.

Peak lapels are a more unusual and potentially more stylish breed of fashion suits for men. Peak lapel suit is suitable as wedding suits, prom suits, or any ceremonial events that you need to be prominent. The men's sequin suits and  Prom tuxedo or prom suits look sharper with peak lapels. 

While men's fashion suits are primarily a fashion statement, there is also the issue of who should wear them. Although anyone can look good in a peak lapel suit if it suits properly, the fashion suit can favor some people's body types and heights.

mens fashion suits
Red prom suit and Gold prom suit both pick lapel

Shawl Lapel suits

 A shawl suit is the most formal of all mens suits. There is no notch or peak in the lapel; instead, it is a continuous round strip of fabric that runs from lapel to collar, tapering off only as it reaches the button closure.

A shawl lapel is generally regarded as a tuxedo—one of the most formal lapel types for a suit jacket. Shawl lapel suits come as single-breasted or double breasted suit with one or two buttons.

You can use this suit style for any formal event like prom, wedding, and red carpet. Lots of prom suits for guys have shawl lapel.

While it is much more formal, a shawl collar lapel is perfectly appropriate for most Black Tie events; however, unless you're meeting Royalty, you'll probably be fine with it. Notched lapels are not recommended for a Tuxedo, as they are more acceptable for a basic lounge suit.

 red shawl lapel suit

Red prom suits, Shawl Lapel

Mandarin Collar suit

One of the oldest styles of mens suits is the Mandarin collar suit. It was first worn by noblemen in Imperial China and has since been a staple of the national wardrobe in china and India. The stiff, rounded neck, rather than a lapel, defines this style of men's suit. It's very thin, standing straight and unfolded at just a few inches tall.

The collar gently curves around the neck and meets in the middle, where it may slightly overlapThe mandarin collar is also a common feature of clergy clothing in the world.

As missionaries and clergy members wear it throughout the world, you can use this suit in your formal events. Despite its prominent role in western military clothing, this mens suit is popular in Asian countries.

Besides knowing about suit style, the fit of the mens suit is the most important of all. In the following passages, I try to go through some of the fit elements.

Suit fit

To get the right fit, check that the seam where the jacket's sleeve attaches to the body matches up exactly with your shoulder's outermost point with your arms hanging straight down at your side. It shouldn't feel too tight—that means the suits should be huge for you with no distress over your shoulders.

It's recommended that you try on one jacket size smaller if your jacket shoulder is bigger. Some slim-fit suits are too tight and look unprofessional.

Raise the arms and shift them around to ensure that the armhole is comfortable, but keep in mind that the suit will loosen up a tiny bit after use. A good suit over time takes on the body's natural form.

Suit waist 

The jacket should lightly hug your ribcage but not feel tight or constricting when the top button is fastened. The jacket shouldn't be pulling on the button, forming an unflattering "X." A good fit suit must show your body silhouette with no restrain on the body or jacket. A good fit must enhance your strengths and hide your flaws.

back length of the Mens Suits

The length of your suit jacket will determine how well your upper and lower bodies are balanced. If the jacket isn't the right length, the whole suit will look messy. If your jacket is too long, you look sloppy, and if the coat is too short, it looks funny.

Also, the suit jacket length depends on body type. Mens suits come in three different lengths, regular, long, and short. If you are over six feet tall, you are considered tall and have to get a long suit, and if you are 5'6 to 6', you are regular, 5'5 and less, you are short and must pick the short size.

Although good tailors at your locality can adjust at least one and a half inches from the jacket length, it's better to start with the right length.

sequin suits for men

Mens sequin suits in python design.

Suit Sleeve length 

The sleeve length is another area that, most of the time, needs some alterations. The right length must leave enough rooms for shirt sleeve pulse watch and accessories to be seen.

Suits Pants 

The bottom of the trousers is the last place that needs tailoring and the cleanest and most modern look today is with no break and no extra fabric, Which means pants can end right around the ankle bone, with no breaks from excess fabric resting over the shoe.

No mens suit will look complete without a nice shirt and a bowtie or men's necktie. Pick a color-coordinated cotton shirt from our dress shirt selection.

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