Mens fashion suits, Prom suits, 2021

Mens Fashion Suits, Prom Suits 2021, Slim fit suits

With many different suit styles, designs, shapes, and sizes available on the market, picking a fashion suit for men can be difficult. The old expression that "one style fits all" is no longer valid, as different men of a different class and social orientation have different preferences for their clothing.

When it comes to mens fashion clothing, and buying the next mens fashion suit, you want to pay attention to many important points. So I played out a step-by-step guide to help you solve your problem.

First, different types of suits are needed for various occasions. It would be best to choose your outfit based on the occasion, your role, season, and location. Men's fashion suits are becoming more diverse, and there are suits for work and celebration occasions.
Besides color, texture, and fabric, which are the main factors for the suit, the style is important.

Men Classic Suits

The classic suit is for those who don't want to second-guess their suit choice. The fit of classic suit is more relaxed, and comfortable compar with slim fit suits. The navy and black suits are common suit colors of classic style. This is one of the most common suit styles because it allows the wearer to breathe without excess fabric and has a relaxed fit.

The most common classic suit style is a notch lapel single-breasted with a center vent. This suit style has the formality and discipline of his ancestor English drape suit and comes in solid colors and plaid fabrics.

This style is a classic because it is one of the best working suit choices from Monday to Thursday. Keep the inner jacket for a laid-back Friday look. This suit pattern will never fade away.

mens plaid suits  - ANGELINO

The notch lapel suits with plaid fabric.

Prom suit 2021

Prom suits 2021 are more fun and festive. They come in variety of texture and colors. The most popular in recent years are floral prom suits.

floral prom suits

Floral Prom Suits

Men Slim fit suits

On the other hand, in 2021 men's suit  fit is just as important as their fashion style, and a slim fit is, for some time, a happening trend. This outfit has no extra fabric, making it suitable for people in good shape. Wearing a slim-fit suit makes you feel fashionable and in-form because it is narrow at the chest and waist but not at the waist.

The jacket on this suit is elegant enough to give you the most trendy look. This type of fashion suit is popular among young men and looks good on men with a slimmer build because it follows the shape of your body with less extra fabric.

If you wear skinny jeans and have a narrower waist than your chest, this suit will look great on you. The slim-fit suit may look good on guys in good physical shape but doesn't work on the heavier Guys.

mens suits - ANGELINO

Mens Fashion Suits and Suit Jackets, Tuxedo

Zoot Suit

The regulation 85 L during the war modified the English Drape suit. Wool was restricted, as it had become scarce due to its redirection to soldier uniforms production. The American War Production Board set the maximum lengths for jackets and trousers in each size.

Pant cuffs, pleat-front trousers, and overlapping waistbands were removed, as was excess width through the torso and trouser hem. As a result, double-breasted styles are becoming increasingly rare, particularly in larger sizes. The suit also dropped the traditional vest and second pair of pants to save fabric–a trend that most suits still follow today.

A possible reaction to the rules was an underground trend for a new style known as the Zoot Suit. This was an extreme form of the sack suit popular with African American and Hispanic teenage boys at the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder (or a re-invention of the Frock Coat).

The jacket was long and slouchy, with broad shoulders and long lapels. Trousers were tightly cinched. This style, mostly made of brighter wools or light-colored cotton, swept jazz and swing clubs across the country. It was finally worn by people of all races in the United States and Europe, but it remained a fringe trend.

Mens Double Breasted suits,

Double-breasted suits are distinguished by a pick lapel and two rows of buttons on the jacket's front and double side vents. These mens fashion suits come in a variety of fabrics, but pinstripe ones are a sharper look.

mens fashion suit - ANGELINO

 Double breasted plaid suit.

Shawl Lapel Tuxedo

The final category and most exclusive is the shawl lapel suit. Its rounded lapel shape distinguishes the shawl lapel (also known as "shawl collar tuxedo" or "roll collar") and lacks gorge or notch. In this case, the label is simply a lapel that begins at the neck and ends below the chest. As a result, the jacket's lapel and collar are made in one piece.

As a result, the Shawl lapel suits are best on a tuxedo. Using a big bowtie with a black or white dress shirt will add to this unique mens suit.

shawl collar tuxedo

Shawl Collar Tuxedo

Tuxedos are very formal and used in very formal events like weddings, prom, and other formal ceremonies. The shawl lapel suit is a more harmonious and simple design that is almost entirely used for tuxedos and certain kinds of robes. They look good as a prom suit or wedding suit, and red carpet outfit.


Mandarin collar suit

A mandarin collar suit is a great choice if you want to stand out without being too obvious. This straightforward, round collar style has a long history. It marked its' name all over the world and is still a staple of men's fashion suits. When you have a special occasion, join a nobility group and discover why the mandarin collar suit is worth the hype.

The rigid, rounded collar, rather than a lapel, distinguishes this style of suit. It's very small, standing straight, and unfolded only two inches tall. The collar gently curves around the neck and meets in the middle, which may slightly overlap. Jackets and shirts both benefit from a mandarin collar. Many people know the mandarin collar because it has been around for so long. In addition, many political figures are connected to this suit style, including Mao Zedong. 

 If you don't think you'll be able to fit into a slim fit suit, Get our regular true-to-size fashion suits for men or fashion blazers, and you'll be looking stylish and elegant. This men's fashion suit is the line between a slim fit and a classic fit. Even though it tends to be a close fit, there is enough space to breathe comfortably.

slim fit suits

Slim Fit Suits

Men's slim-fit suits have been a trend for a decade, with designers attempting to reintroduce a more relaxed fit. Despite much European designer work in the epidemic period with a more relaxed shape, slim fit suits are still popular in the United States and most parts of the world. Mens skinny suits just looks more modern and are contemporary. 

"The clothing and clothing behavior is the art we wear and become. Fashion express who we are and who we desire to be".

Alex Angelino.

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