Mens Fashion Blazers, Prom Blazers, Tuxedo Jackets

Mens Fashion Blazers, Prom Blazers, Tuxedo Blazers

Mens Fashion Blazer is a staple of every men's wardrobe and an iconic piece of fashion menswear. I'll describe the blazer, explore its variety, modern designs, concepts, and expand on how to wear it best to ensure you're taking advantage of the men's blazer's remarkable versatility.

The blazer is a single jacket made from heavier fabric with thicker yarn. Traditionally were made from fine fabric, it usually has embossed metal buttons. Classic blazers come in a variety of solid colors or plaid fabrics, single or double-breasted. Among solid colors Navy, Gray, and black blazers are very popular. Mens fashion blazers come either notch lapel or peak lapel. Some other blazers have piping or trims around lapels or patches on the chest pockets. 

The classic blazers are usually constructed and made of navy blue serge; classic alternatives include hopsack or wool flannel, though viscose or linen are also appropriate for warmer weather. Cotton or wool flannel is used to make striped blazers. Some men's fashion blazers are made of lighter fabric, have softer round shoulders, more relaxed fit, and are not lined on the backside.

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Many schools, colleges, clubs, sports teams, groups, and other organizations wear mens blazers with crests or badges on the chest pockets to distinguish themselves.


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Angelino blazers with patches on chest and arm 

Tuxedo Blazer

Tuxedo blazers are the most popular in red carpets, proms, and stage. The recent surge in the concepts and variety of the texture and colors revived the stagnant tuxedo business since 2012. Tuxedo Jackets are made out of a range of fashionable brocade and Jacquard fabrics. Although most jackets have black lapels, some have trims. Most tuxedo blazers have more constructed, square shoulders, slimmer fit with double vents on the side of the coat. Whether single or double-breasted, notched, or peak lapels, the blazer must sit well on your shoulder and have a proper length for your body type. The shorter Jackets show your legs longer, and longer coats do reverse. So it's important to be proportioned. Printed silk tuxedo blazers are yet another new trend in men's fashion blazers. With lustrous shiny and soft silk fabric, these fashion blazers for men are ultimate. They're made out of a range of fashionable hand-printed silk fabrics. Angelino offers a wide range of options for this look. Printed silk blazers are rare because of their high price. We prepared an elegant and stylish collection of silk blazers for those who don't mind paying more for something stunningly luxurious and modern.  

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Angelino silk blazers, hand printed hand made Tuxedo Jackets. 

Many men nowadays wear a blazer with jeans, loafers or sport shoes, and a button-down oxford shirt, which is acceptable and even more fitting for casual outings than the workplace.

Sequin Blazers 

Sequin blazers are the pinnacle of stardom. Since working with this fabric is not a task that any tailor can do, good tailoring is crucial. Problems will be visible on the lapel and fabric joints if the tailoring is not done with care and mastery. We prepare a nice collection of solid and printed sequin blazers for men.

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Angelino sequin suits and blazers.

Today's blazer is a highly versatile piece of clothing that can be wear in various settings, including casual, business casual, and corporate relaxed. Blazers can be pair with several other outfits, including a shirt and tie and or mock neck or turtleneck sweaters. If you're starting to put together your wardrobe, please realize that the blazer will most likely be your most versatile piece.
I believe that a blazer goes with everything, as long as you consider coordinating balance colors and textures. I always recommend wearing long sleeves shirts with a jacket. Make sure you add some accessories to your outfit to create more elegance and sophistication; if you don't like to use the tie or bow ties, make sure you use a pocket square to personalize your blazer style.

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