Fashion and it's Applications

Fashion: manifest of human struggle, aspiration, inspiration and glory

It's difficult to estimate how many students graduate from college each year with little or no knowledge of fashion, but it's likely the majority. And that's a pity, considering how important it is to understand fashion and its application in our life.

Besides artistic skill and its aesthetic values, fashion is instrumental in achieving our goals. That is because fashion represents our state of mind, values, and intellect. 

Fashion consists of many other crafts and industries like yarn making, dyeing, printing, knitting, and weaving. 

As we advance in our civilization, technology, science, and knowledge of the materials, our perception about fashion changes and our adventure in this infinite world of multi-disciplines continues to bring exciting innovation and aspirations.


Fashion is an energizing, evolving, and fundamental part of the culture and day-to-day life. It represents an Art type of individual articulations that gives a chance to individuals to communicate their inner feelings that can't be communicated with words. It looks that style is fundamental for a democratic and open society. 

Fashion design and its set of disciplines, accomplishments, and offerings are the aftereffects of the sacrifices and battle of numerous people before us. Remember, clothing, style, and colors once were not democratized like today. Certain styles or even colors belonged to the upper class and were not allowed to be used by anybody—class or group except the authorized class. Ladies' clothing was specially defined in a certain look, and Ladies had to go through a tough struggle to be able to wear pants. As an example, in January 2013, the French abolished the 213-year-old law banning women from legally wearing


Fashion, as an Artistic expression, helps in the headway and progress of Societies. Fashion, like other Arts without a doubt, has therapeutic properties. Fashion places people's basic Human rights in their own hands ( Right over your Body ). Therefore, it helps with democratizing society.

Although the human struggle for fashion and its goals are indefinite, the fight and strive are less intense and violent in western societies. The worst-case scenario in recent years that I can remember in the United States is the saggers dilemma. Passing legislation throughout some southern states, including some cities in California, to find saggers up to $500 for wearing their pants below their waist, and then come to the comment of the United States president Barrack Obama " Brothers should pull up their pants."

The struggle goes on for a like Saggers and me. Not because I am much a fan of such a style of clothing behavior, not at all. I favor more discipline and cleaner clothing behavior like, mens fashion suits but I recognized the importance of fashion as a self-expression tool. As a designer, I deal with design principles, shape, and proportions, and it's used in our subconscious. 

 sagging pants

Sagger jeans pants

Trends and Styles are offspring of social and economic conditions and have their roots deep in societies' psychology, justice and economic prosperity. 

Fortunately, in the free civilized world, we end up with fines and pieces of advice.

 Still, in the more conservative developed societies, there are strict rules regarding clothing behaviors, especially for women. We have seen news and pictures of women being convicted on long-term jails as long as 15 years jailed for refusing to cover their hairs in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Iranian girl objecting head scarf

 Iranian girl objecting wearing head scarf

In the end, fashion is a multi-discipline marvel and an important part of the culture that reflects our feelings, struggles, aspirations: inspiration and glory. Being well informed in this daily craft will help you achieve more of your daily tasks and create joy and vigor in you.

Alex Angelino

Downtown Los Angeles, Fashion District

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