Best Tuxedo Buying Guide

An Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Tuxedo 

Owning a perfect tuxedo is on the wish list of almost every man because wearing a tuxedo not only looks great, but it feels great too. If you plan to buy a tuxedo for a special occasion and don't know where to start, we have covered you. 

In this guide, we will help you choose the best tuxedo. So, without any further delay, let's dive in!

What to Consider when Buying a Perfect Tuxedo

Although finding a perfect tuxedo might not be a simple task, we can help you achieve this goal. But, first, you need to consider some key factors when buying a tuxedo.

Listed below are some of those factors that are worthy to note:

  • Pay attention to the fit
  • Go for a suitable color
  • Select an ideal jacket style
  • Choose a perfect shirt and bow tie
  • Find the best Trousers

Pay Attention to the Measurements

No doubt, this is one of the most critical aspects of buying a tuxedo. If a tuxedo doesn't offer a perfect fit, you won't get the desired look. 

On the contrary, a nicely fitted tuxedo looks amazing and feels comfortable. So when buying a tuxedo, make sure it fits your body like a glove. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, don't sacrifice the fit of your pants and jacket.

However, choose a boutique that offers customization options is a very helpful. When purchasing a ready-made tuxedo or mens suits, it is important to make alterations to the jacket and pants in order to obtain a tuxedo that fits well and gives you a pleasant appearance.

mens red suit

Mens Red Suit

Go for a Suitable Color

Although there isn't anything more popular than a all black tuxedo, choosing the right color is the key to buying the best tuxedo. For instance, if you plan to wear a tuxedo on a special occasion, color choice plays a pivotal role. 

Red tuxedo.jpg

Red Tuxedo

In addition to the color of your trousers and jacket, it is also good to plan the color of your bowtie, shoes, pocket squares, and other accessories accordingly. By doing so, you can bring some warmth and excitement to your tuxedo.

Choosing an Ideal Jacket

The jacket is referred to as the most prominent element of a tuxedo. This is the first thing that everyone notices. When it comes to the fabric of a tuxedo jacket, it's normally wool, polyester, silk or cotton.

Nevertheless, some other materials are trending these days. Apart from materials, here are the four key elements you must consider when buying a perfect jacket for your tuxedo.

  1. Lapels 

The vertical folds on the front part of a jacket are referred to as lapels. Lapels are normally made of satin. Three lapel styles are quite popular in the modern fashion industry that includes:

  • Notched
  • Peaked
  • Shawl

A shawl lapel is an option we normally see in typical tuxedo suits. This type of lapel style offers a classic look. Furthermore, the shawl lapel works well for both formal and casual occasions.

shawl lapel tuxedo
Shawl lapel Tuxedo

Peaked lapels are relatively less dressy when compared to shawl lapels. It gives a neat appearance to a tuxedo irrespective of its color and style.

On the contrary, choosing a notched lapel won't be wise. This is so, as a tuxedo with notched lapels might look too casual. 

  1. Pockets

Generally, three pockets are located at the front of a jacket. One is located on the breast's left side, and the other two are found at the quarters. 

For a smooth and refined look, the pockets need to be jetted. Hence, avoid flap pockets, as this style doesn't look appropriate with modern tuxedo jackets.

  1. Vents

Vents are occasionally located on a tuxedo jacket. A vent is a vertical slit that we normally find at the back of a Jacket. A tuxedo jacket might have single or double vents.

When choosing the vents for a jacket, the options are limited. Traditionally, vents were not that popular. Hence, it is advised to go for a jacket double vents. 

This will help to create a clean and appealing silhouette. If you insist on having no vents, it would be appropriate to opt for single vents.

  1. Buttons

When single-breasted, the tuxedo will have one button. On the other hand, there will be two buttons when you have a double-breasted tuxedo. The sleeves must not contain more than three buttons. 

Choose a Perfect Shirt 

Since the shirt serves as an integral part of a tuxedo, you should try to make a wise choice when buying one. You can choose between three types of shirts depending on their respective styles.  

These include:

  • Pleated
  • Marcella
  • Textured 

There are pleats in a pleated shirt. Besides, the Marcella shirt serves as a dressier option that is relatively stiff. At present, men prefer wearing dress shirts with comfortable textures.

Considering the collar style, the most common choice in this regard is the 'Turn-Down' collar. Although the winged collar is a traditional style, it isn't that trendy these days. So try to avoid it.

Find the best Trousers.

When buying the perfect trousers for a tuxedo dress, pay attention to the fitting and simplicity. This is so, as personal fit trousers are quite popular these days. 

Hence, choose trousers that offer a tailored fit. In addition, the waist needs to sit a little higher than normal. Finally, choose side-adjusters rather than belt loops to give a modern look. 

Besides, the material of the trouser should be similar to that of your jacket. Another design feature that distinguishes tuxedo trousers from regular ones is the braid.

Final Thoughts

After going through the tips mentioned above, you are now all set to find the best tuxedo for you. However, when making a choice, do consider your height and complexion. Usually, something that looks good on another individual may not be suitable for you. So, keep this aspect in mind when buying a tuxedo.

If you want to be elegant but not too formal, the fashion suit for men is your other option; please check the collection and pick your favorite.

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