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Angelino has been proud of providing fashion clothing for men in downtown Los Angeles since 1999. We have made fashionable clothing, including mens suits, tuxedos, fashion blazers for men, prom outfits for guys, and accessories for countless celebrities, and provided wardrobes for several movies.

Mens suits, Fashion District Los Angeles

Mens suits, Window Display Fashion District Los Angeles

Mens suits are less formal than tuxedos, but Also they may be worn more regularly. We provide unique, adaptable options and may have the formality of a tuxedo while also being casual when worn with jeans.
Buying a suit rather than renting one is typically a better investment if you purchase you outfit from a proper label. We provide a range of mens fashion suits, and blazers with exiting colors and motives that can be used as a wedding suit, prom suit, and red carpet event.

Mens suits downtown Los Angeles

Alex Angelino and Ryan Gosling La La Land - 

Our showroom and Alex Angelino were cast as designers in the famous award-winning La La Land.

Although Angelino is Known for its unique and colorful blazers, tuxedo, and prom suits, also we make some classic clothing for men who like to wear suits at work. Of course, our men's clothing is good for people who want to be unique and stylish at events and special occasions.

We are not for everybody, but if you like to look outstanding, we assure you that an Angelino suit or tuxedo will give you that appearance. Customers who worked with us are happy and trust Angelino for their events and celebration occasions. Suppose you need good quality suits or a tuxedo blazer for special events in downtown Los Angeles's fashion district.

Please call for your appointment so we can serve you better.

mens suit downtown Los Angeles

Plaid suit grey/white,  Slim fit, Notch Lapel, If you want to shop this suit online click on image you go to product.

Every man should own at least a fashion suit that is unique and stylish and looks like it's made for him. Suiting has been glamorous since its start, and the mission continues. You put one of those suits on, and it changes your behavior and manner. You feel confident and dapper.

A great suit will make you feel good, sharp, and sophisticated, and a bad Jacket will make you look like a hack and drags you. So it helps to know about men's fashion suits, especially suit jackets, since men's suits are basically about their jacket rather than their pants.

The men's suit will show their look and quality when you put them on; they fit, and proportion is the key; that's why we recommend if you are living in Los Angeles, book your appointment for stopping at our showroom in the fashion district.

Stylish Blazer for Men

Stylish Blazer for Men or suit jackets are the most valuable piece of men's wardrobe. They are versatile and fun. We designed hundreds of different Blazers with various exciting colors and motives. 

mens tuxedo blazers los angeles

Angelino tuxedo blazers, hand printed silk fabric, blazer dress for men, stylish for prom, red carpet and wedding. These silk tuxedo jackets are very unique and few pieces of them are made. We can customize it to your body if you prefer to make one made just for you.

men's fashion suits 2021, 

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