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Sequin blazers are instant felicity and energizers. These sparkling rear jackets once were only the superstar's outfits on the stage, nowadays are affordable for people who like to use them in their special events, birthday, or prom night.

Our obsession with glitz and glam may be traced back to a primitive love for water or shine of the gold or twinkle of stars in the night. Therefore sequin blazers and sequin clothing, in general, are the ultimate glamour, shine, and glitz in fashion.

A person must be very confident to pull off the sequin blazer or sequin suits look since a men in a sequin suit will shine like jewels in any crowd.

Although the sequin fabric can bring so much value to outfits, working with this fabric is a challenge for tailors and sewing machines. Mens suits or blazers are constructed, the shoulder and front part of the jacket are supported with layers of fuzzing fabrics and pads.
Angelino has been making sequin jackets for a decade.
We are proud to be one of the first men's fashion clothing companies to popularize the concept, with mens fashion blazers, in various fabrics, including sequins and brocade.


purple sequin blazer - ANGELINO

The Sequin Blazers are also available separately. Check out the blazers collection and choose your favorite color. 

The teal sapphire and purple emerald sequin suit are amazing men's outfits for stage, club, prom, red carpets, and birthdays.

The deep purple represents nobility, luxury, strength and is synonymous with royalty, wealth, extravagance, ingenuity, intelligence, humility, grandeur, loyalty, harmony, pride, mystery, and devotion.

Teal, like other cool colors, has a soothing or sedative effect. The teal color symbolizes reinvigorating and revitalizing. Teal represents the sea and sky's infinity for Tibetan monks, and it is the color of reality and faith for Egyptians. 


red sequin blazer - ANGELINO

The Sequin suits are also available as mens blazers. Check out the blazers collection and choose your favorite color. 

The gold sequin blazer represents light, love, compassion, bravery, passion, magic, and wisdom. Gold is a precious metal synonymous with luxury, grandeur, success, glitz, glamour, and sparkle.

The red sequin blazer looks like a deep red emerald and has a variety of symbolic meanings. Passion, love, seduction, aggression, risk, rage, and adventure. are all associated with this color. Most of the red's symbolism today stems from its powerful associations in the past.

Our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the color of fire and blood – energy and primitive life forces – and most of red's image today stems from those powerful associations.

pink sequin blazer - ANGELINO

This pink sequin blazer looks like brilliant pink sapphire.

Pink is synonymous with kindness, nurturing, and love. It has to do with unconditional affection and acceptance and the giving and receiving of love. Pink is a color that we equate with purity and happiness. If pink is your favorite color, you are loving, sweet, compassionate, and sensitive to others' needs. Others are drawn to your warmth and approachability, as well as your softness and comfort. 

sequin blazers, animal print - ANGELINO

Sequin blazers with animal print fabric.

These animal-printed sequin blazers for men are highly trendy.
Please look through our collection of fashion sequin blazers to find your favorite color. We produced sequin blazers in various colors, including red, blue, black, teal, gold, and silver.

Long sequin coats are the latest on our fashion outfits for men. You can pair them with black pants or get their own sequin pants. The long jackets have high collar with  metal buttons on lapel and collar. they come in variety of colors including, gold, purple, silver, black and, red. 

Check out the sequined blazers and choose your favorite color. There are several solid colors and printed sequin fabrics in the collection. Long sequin coats have recently been exhibited and they becoming the next trend in mens fashion. 

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